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top tier gasoline & Diesel


The official fuel supplier of NASCAR®


Sunoco fuels contain additives such as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants, which help to ensure quality and promote a longer shelf life, meaning the gasoline will last longer between uses. It is the only retailer to sell four grades of gasoline. Regular, Plus, Premium & Ultra93.


—  Environmentally Responsible —
The Sierra Club lists Sunoco as the most environmentally responsible oil corporation in its Updated Environmentalist's Guide to Gasoline report. We are also the only oil company to sign the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (Ceres.)


— Know Your Octane —
Octane is a measure of the antiknock quality of gasoline. High octane gasoline has less tendency to pre-detonate or knock as it is compressed. Regular octane is recommended for most cars but some cars with high compression engines need mid-grade or premium gasoline to prevent knock.